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Chornay integral to selection of rocket proposal by NASA

(originally from Dec 2018)

Researcher Dennis Chornay played a pivotal role in building and testing a prototype technology demonstrator instrument for very high-resolution electron spectroscopy. This year, the manuscript based on these results was published in the prestigious Review of Scientific Instruments: "A hybrid electrostatic retarding potential analyzer for the measurement of plasmas at extremely high energy resolution", 89, 113306 (2018). 

Additionally, NASA selected to fund a $2.3M rocket proposal, the Endurance mission. Scheduled to launch in 2021, Endurance will make the first-ever measurements of Earth's ambipolar electric field. The Retarding Potential Analyzer developed by Dr. Chornay will be part of Endurance.


Posted: June 13, 2023, 3:54 PM